Check out April Armstrong's tips, including how to influence vaccine-hesitant people, as masks come off in response to the CDC's updated guidelines relaxing mask mandates for vaccinated individuals in the above video made for business leaders, clergy and educators on May 21, 2021.

Trusted by top government officials to lead the research behind our nation's pandemic strategy, we can help you open your doors safely - and keep them open. From people to protocols to preparing for what's next, we've got you covered.

COVID-19 Strategic Recovery Roadmaps

Our Recovery Roadmap will help you close the gap on critical vulnerabilities and invest in all the right places.Covering 70 specific elements that span four areas, our 12-point flexible Roadmap leaves nothing to chance.


COVID-19 SafeHabits Training

Your business' future depends on the behavior of your employees like never before. Train your team in COVID-safe attitudes and behaviors, so your customers see your business as one they can trust, and where they know they are safe.

Business Continuity
& Crisis Advisory

There is no question preparedness pays. Take advantage of our expertise in crisis communications and catastrophic disaster preparedness, including pandemic research, for which Dr. Anthony Fauci was the lead scientific advisor.

Virtual Decision Support & Expert Facilitation

Our expert facilitators have been on the cutting edge of technology-enabled decision support and virtual meetings for two decades. When it comes to high-stakes meetings or decisions, we can assist.

Resilience Coaching

Leaders are under stress like never before. Our executive coaches provide impactful, compassionate coaching over the phone and video-conferencing. We blend somatic techniques with brass-tacks businesstrauma-informed coaching.

SafeWorkplace Strategy

When it comes to safely reopening your offices, don't wing it. We've been back to work in offices since July 2020. We can help you open your doors - and keep them open.

Looking for a Keynote Speaker
Who Can Inspire
and Educate in Pandemic?

April Armstrong delivers unique, impactful, hopeful messages that open hearts and change behaviors, blending relatable stories from her near-decade of experience with pandemic preparedness and response research, for which Dr. Anthony Fauci was the lead scientific advisor. Her schedule typically books 3 months to one year in advance.

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