Are You Living COVIDSafe?

The FREE tools on this website, including the COVIDSafeVisits app, empower you to stay COVIDSafe, while living your life.

With at least three known variant strains of the virus that causes COVID-19 now in the U.S. and widespread vaccine distribution still underway - now is not the time to let your guard down.

The good news is that between better masks now available and understanding of how the virus spreads, you no longer have to choose between living fully and living COVIDSafe.

Living COVIDSafe Starts HERE.

We haven't all been vaccinated - is it safe to visit without masks? The answer is maybe. Take 60 seconds to find out with this FREE app.


Leaving on a jet plane? Don't leave home without April's SafeTravel and SafeStay protocols - and list of recommended SafeMasks.

Trusted by top government officials to lead the research behind our nation's pandemic strategy, we can help you open your doors safely - and keep them open.

Meet Our Founder.

April Armstrong led evaluation of our nation's only "whole of society" full-scale pandemic preparedness and response training research for which Dr. Anthony Fauci served as a lead advisor. She spent nearly a decade working in the research which contributed massively to ground-breaking policies, including the National Pandemic Strategy, designed to guide coordinated national response to a range of catastrophic disasters. She is CEO of AHA Insight, which provides trusted leadership advisory to top government officials and corporate executives on the "people" side of transformational change.